Saturday 08 August 2020

20-21 Basic AR15 Class- Calera, AL

10 Shooters Maximum

This 8-hour class is an introduction to the carbine (AR15)…safety, maintenance, accessories, loading, zeroing, shooting positions, malfunction reductions, etc.

Though designed for the AR Platform, other carbines are welcome with approval contact us at prior to registering.

Carbine (sling encouraged, loaners available-contact us)
3 magazines minimum
Mechanical sights are required-electronic optics are welcome-
300 rounds of carbine ammunition
Eye/Ear Protection
Cap with bill
Backpack (over stuffed with towels, t-shirts, etc.)
Binoculars (optional)
Additional details will be sent upon registration.
Rain will hinder, but not stop the training, have rain gear. Lightning however will kill. We will keep an eye on dangerous weather.

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