Saturday 09 November 2019

19-32 GUNS3- Tactical Firearms, Warr Acres, OK

12 slots available
IG Crew: Curt & Craig
$175 (multi-Officer discount available, contact us)

Please register by 28OCT19.

This advanced 8-hour class covers marksmanship, equipment set-up, weapon manipulation, “move, shoot, & communicate”, ammunition management, situational awareness and teamwork.

Rifles should be zeroed prior to the class.

-Email questions-

Carbine or SMG w/sling & 3 magazines-300 rounds
Secondary firearm with holster & 3 magazines-200 rounds
Load bearing kit (duty belt, mag pouches, chest rig, pockets, etc.)
Shooting glasses and hearing protection
Clothing that will facilitate movement & range work (your day to day life will determine this)
Body armor- rifle plates preferred if available.

Note- If you wear it on duty, you should train in it.

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