Tuesday 05 November 2019
Date:05/11/2019 - 07/11/2019 08:00-16:00
Repeat Every Day

19-30 StreetCraft1: Patrol Officer Tactical Course, Warr Acres, OK

12 Slots available
IG Crew- Curt & Craig

Please register by 25OCT19.

This is a 24-hour closed enrollment course for LE Officers working in (but not limited to) uniformed assignments. The course includes range work, leadership, mental awareness & mindset, active shooter response, medical response, street encounters and scene management. Layered drills & scenarios (live fire and force on force) will increase in intensity as the course progresses.

Attending supervisors will be placed in leadership roles during the practical exercises giving them an additional training experience.

Duty Gear- flashlight, belt, holster, etc.
Body Armor
Traffic Vest
10 heavy duty rubber bands
Notebook & Pen
Range Eye/Ear Protection
300 rounds handgun*
100 rounds carbine*
50 rounds of force on force cartridges
Force on Force Weapons (UTM, Simunition, Airsoft, etc.)
Force on Force protective gear (head, throat, groin)
*Officers not issued a carbine should bring 400 rounds of handgun.

Information- cavcurt@aol.com

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