Monday 14 January 2019
Date:14/01/2019 - 15/01/2019 12:00-2:00
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19-18 Night Vision Basic User Course (NVBUC)

Night Vision Basic User Course (NVBUC) LE Only

Cost- $275
Time- 22 contact hours (2 long days) 1200-2400 hours
Class size- minimum 8- maximum 14
Location- Florence PD Range

The course cadre are LE Officers with tactical and road experience, military special operations deployments and instructor certification for NVG training.

There is a possibility of loaner gear, please contact us if you need gear to attend.

Course Objective: to provide the attendee with the confidence and competence to utilize Night Vision Devices (NVD’s) in LE operations.

Learning Objectives
1. NVD set-up and use
2. Capabilities and limitations of NVD’s
3. Carbine zero types- converging & parallel
4. Handgun engagements with NVD’s
5. Carbine engagement with NVD’s (CQB & field engagement)
6. Exterior Movement with NVD’s
7. Room Entry with NVD’s
8. Target discrimination with NVD’s
9. Achieve carbine & handgun accuracy standards using NVD’s
10. Safety considerations with NVD’s

Student Gear List
Body Armor- Ballistic Helmet & Rifle Plates
CLEAR Eye Protection/Hearing Protection
Helmet Mounted Night Vision Goggles
IR/Visible Aiming Laser
6 Green or Yellow Chem Lights
Carbine with optic sight, sling and white light (no .308)
Carbine with 6 magazines
Handgun with 3 magazines
Gun belt/holster and magazine carriers
Flashlight (hand held)
Spare batteries for ALL electronic equipment
Anti-fog product (Cat Crap suggested)
Weapon support gear (tools, maintenance, lubrication)
600 rounds of carbine ammo (NO armor piercing, green tip or tracer)
200 rounds of handgun ammo
Pen/Paper/Sharpie Marker

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