Saturday 17 August 2019

19-15 Home Defense 2- Calera, AL

Limited to 8 students
Prerequisite- Home Defense 1 Class

Please register by 10AUG19.

This class covers the use of the handgun and light combination in a home defense setting. Handheld and weapon mounted techniques, lighting concepts, structure clearing, home defense plans, mindset and decision making are also included. Room searching techniques and scenarios will be conducted in Double Tap Training Ground’s purpose-built tactics structure. There will be a short range session exercising basic handgun skills. Force on force scenarios will use a combination of any of the following training equipment: airsoft, paintball and Simunition.

Equipment Required
Handgun, holster, ammunition carrier
Hand-held flashlight (tail cap button suggested)
Weapon mounted light (optional)
Spare batteries
100 rounds ammunition
Ear/eye/groin protection

NOTE: This is an advanced level class. Attendees should have a solid grasp of basic handgun skills to include: muzzle management, marksmanship, presentation, loading/reloading and malfunction clearing.

This is a physical course. Please assess your level of fitness prior to registering.

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