Saturday 15 June 2019

19-11 GUNS1 Tactical Handgun- Calera, AL

12 shooters
IG Crew: TBA

Please register by 05JUNE19.

This 8-hour class is part of our Tactical Firearms Course (GUNS) focusing on the tactical deployment of the handgun. The class is designed to teach the shooter operational safety, situational awareness, handgun manipulation, ammunition management, movement/use of cover and gear set-up.

This is not a basic class. Shooters that have not trained with Lighthorse Tactical need to have a STRONG grasp of the basics of safety and handgun use. If you haven't trained with LHT you need to contact us before registering.

This is a highly physical class.

3 magazines or speed loaders for revolvers (more is better)
Duty Belt (if applicable)
400 rounds of ammunition
Eye/Ear Protection
Range Clothing
Body armor is not a requirement, HOWEVER, if you work in it, you should train in it.
Water, snacks, sunscreen

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